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Downtown Eco-Art Proposal

Purpose: To help downtown businesses in their recovery efforts. Climate Art visuals connectwith foot traffic and shoppers. Tag line: “Shop Downtown for a Green Rebound”. Eco Art Awards presented to the top young artists in each category.  For this campaign we are seeking partners and support by Downtown Businesses, Youth Leadership Commission, Walnut Creek Downtown, Chamber of Commerce, Art Commission, Bedford Gallery and Walnut Creek’s Sustainable Action Plan Stakeholders.  Read more here. (PDF)




The youth representative Gertrude Clements addresses the Opening Ceremony of the High-Level Event for the Signature of the Paris Agreement

“We expect more than words on paper and promises. We expect action.” These are the words 16-year-old Getrude Clements spoke as she took the stage and the United Nations General Assembly last year and called on world leaders to take urgent action on climate change.

Exactly one year later, Getrude is joined by thousands of children from all over the world, all demanding the same thing. From the shores of Lake Chad, to flood damaged areas in Pakistan, to a school in Fiji, and the streets of Delhi – children everywhere are flipping bottles as a symbol to show they want action to FLIP climate change.

Lian Regine of the Philippines participated in Flip Climate Change

That’s why UNICEF launched #FlipClimateChange on World Water Day, calling on the people around the world to show they want to see action on climate change. The response was overwhelming, with people from so many different places sharing this symbolic gesture for change.  Today, on Earth Day, we’re taking this message to the streets, and showing a video in Time Square, New York, to show that people want to see action.

You can continue the challenge to flip climate change, by speaking up and demanding action.

Read the complete article at UNICEF: Click Here

Picture Credit: UNICEF/Philippines14 year old Lian Regine was one of many children in the Philippines who participated in Flip Climate Change.


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