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Climate Marchers were marching and demonstrating for the first time in the 83 years of Walnut Creek’s Twilight Parade.

The Climate Action Marchers and the Electric Caravan (a convoy of electric cars)was a Big Hit and made a Big Statement. The banners “CLIMATE ACTION NOW” & “OUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE” said it all.
Join us next year in the WC Twilight Parade’s Climate March. We will do this every year until real action is taken.
We owe it to our Grand Kids, all Future Generations and all Living Things. They are the ones to suffer, not us. More Marches and Demos and Less Cruises and Air Plane trips.

Walnut Creek’s Twilight Parade

A small group of concerned Walnut Creek residents and community leaders will host, along with local and National Sustainable Organizations, and the City of Walnut Creek in Demanding Change!

We will be all marching or riding in Electric Vehicles as part of the “Electric Caravan” in this year’s Twilight Parade, (Saturday, September 14), in Walnut Creek.  You too should be a part of this Historic Parade.  You too can Demand Change!  You Must Demand Change!!

More information on the twilight parade:

Las Lomas High School / PurpleAir Sensor Installation

Purple Air Sensor being installed at Las Lomas High School on May 22, 2019

Go to: for more info.

DIY Solar Workshop

Held on Saturday, October 27, 2018.

In this workshop, we will compare solar costs between buying from a solar company, using a hybrid distributor/contractor model and a 100% DIY model. Workshop organizer, Bob Joe used the hybrid model, purchasing all his Panels, racks and microinverters from RENVU Solar Distributors and used licensed and unlicensed contractors for the installation.

Downtown Parking Lot


Iron Horse Trail Project